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Ministry of Higher Education

HNDE History

In 1985 the NTTTC (National technical teachers training college) and Technical education unit of ministry of education conducted a survey on workforce. It was found that the ratio of chartered engineers to middle level engineers is 1:3. However according to the statics it would be 1:5:20, the ratio of chartered engineers, middle level engineers and technicians respectively. Therefore the authority figures realized that they should introduce a new course to bring forward middle level engineers. During that time the authorities got know about a HNDE course,which last for 2 years of time from England. At the same time they understood that they can’t initiate the course in Sri Lanka directly. Due to the problems associated with language & facilities the course was extended to 3 ½ years which was then initiated as a preliminary course in Sri Lanka with the approval of the BOLTON university - England and was funded by the ADB Rathmalana.

On 30th October 1990, the HNDE was named as a parallel course to NDT under the 46/90 , governmental circular.

After a year later on 11th December 1991, the HNDE course which was at rathmalana NTTTC, was affiliated to the B-TEC - England under the register number 78/981.

15th November 1992 was a special day for the HNDE 2nd batch. With the presence of the chief guest lecturer, Mr. A.N.S Kulasinghe , the convocation was held at BMICH.

17th August 1994 was a turning point of HNDE.On that day HNDE was transferred to the ministry of labour and vocational training from the ministry of education and higher education.

But again after 2 years of time on 1st may 1996. HNDE was connected with the SLIATE, which was mainly under the ministry of education & higher education.

12th December 1996 was a significant day for the all HNDE students. They celebrated the 10th anniversary. Distinguished guests lecturer Mr.A.N.S Kulesinghe , participated the event to add colour to the occasion. Though the programme of the anniversary was scheduled for 7 days, the programme was terminated by 2 days of time. Anyhow students did their maximum to make the programme a success.

At that time students faced so many problems as they didn’t have a building for their hostel. But on 23rd may 2001, after great effort and dedication of the students, they were able to attain two buildings for their hostel.

The HNDE students were lucky enough to communicate via the modern technology, as a result the deputy minister Mr.Dinesh Gunawardana launched a website for the HNDE, (WWW.HNDESL.com) on 6th July 2004 making it a memorable day for the HNDE students. On the same day a newly built 4 storeyed building was opened and was given to the public use.

30th & 31th October 2004 was couple of glorious days for the Mattakkuliya HNDE institute. The students were able to conduct an art festival on the theme “Mini Sengavi Soya” with the presence of the deputy minister Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya and Mr. Rathna Sri Wijesingha.

When it was 2006 , the HNDE had already completed 20 years of time giving out middle level engineers. To celebrate the the 20th anniversary an exhibition was organized, in parallel with the INCO exhibition of IIESL was held on 23th ,24th and 25th of June 2006 at the BMICH.Minister Mr.Sarath Amunugama was the chief guest on the first day.”Himidiriya” a collection of short stories was presented to the educationalist Mr.Leelananda Gamachchi. By the way on 7th January 2008 HNDE students’ council erected a sign board at the entrance.

For the 1st time at a parliament prorogue debate all the ministers except Mr.VishwaWarnapala (who was minister of Education & Higher Education that time) proposed that HNDE under SLIATE should be approved by the UGC.

While the works went on as usual, it was discussed to modify the syllabus in 2010.

Lecturer's Information

Mr P.G.L.S KumaraSenior LecturerPHD In IT
Mr. YogaganeshanSenior LecturerPG Dip. In Engineering
Mrs. H.P.T. SanjanaSenior LecturerMA
Ms. A.K. LiyanageSenior LecturerPG Dip.
Mrs. S.M. FoumiLecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mrs. W.A.U.M. WithanaarachchiLecturerPGD
Mr. N.J.B. IllagollaLecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mrs. B.K.D. BalasooriyaLecturerPG Dip.
Mrs. M.E.I.L. SilvaAssistant LecturerMSc (IT)
Mr. S SivakumaranAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mr. P RavindranAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mr. R.M.S.B. RathnayakeAssistant LecturerPGD In Eng.
Mr. R JayasingheAssistant LecturerPGD
Mr. R PathmarajaAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mrs. W.A. SujeewaniAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mr. R.M.R.C. UdayanandaAssistant LecturerPGD In Eng.
Mr. G.A.S. PereraAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mrs. A.H. SattarAssistant LecturerBSc(Eng.)
Mrs. S.M.C.P.K. SamarathungaAssistant LecturerMBA (International Management),BSc(Eng.)
Miss G.K.R. de SilvaDemonstrator
Mrs. K.P.D.K. KarunanayakeDemonstratorNDT
Mrs. K.W.P.N. DilshanDemonstratorHNDE
Ms. D.M.M.D. DissanayakaDemonstratorHNDE
Mr. T.M.M. AmarasekraDemonstratorBEng
Mrs. P.S. SarangiDemonstratorBEng
Miss. K.D. JayasingheDemonstrator
Mrs. S.A.S. WickramasooriyaDemonstratorHNDE
Ms. P.H.D. SamanthikaDemonstratorHNDE
Mrs. M.M.S.D. CoorayDemonstratorHNDE
Mr.S. KartheepanDemonstratorBEng